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Precise, interlocking processes and clear responsibilities are the prerequisite for implementing projects on schedule and economically. At bejulo, you have a contact that coordinates all relevant project stages.

We take over the entire project development and the necessary coordination with the landlords, government agencies and grid operators. Our project manager will always notify you the latest developments and keep you up-to-date about all important steps. Permanent monitoring also ensures adherence to the budget and quality at all times.

Design to execution planning, procurement of necessary components and final certification of the PV system are some of our services. We take over general construction management and are thus always close to what is going on, coordinate subcontractors and monitor project implementation. If requested, we assume the subsequent technical operational management.

Complete packages, individually put together

Our work focuses on EPC projects and the construction of turnkey systems that meet the respective regional requirements such as feed-in regulations and environmental requirements thanks to our international experience and the inclusion of local partners. We clarify technical issues in consultation with the customer. During the construction of the system, we take care of its safety and health hazards to ensure a smooth process.

Additionally, we develop financing, usage and marketing concepts specifically matched to your project.

Servicing and maintenance

The core of our O&M bid is annual inspection and maintenance as well as special inspections. We assume the constant remote monitoring of your system and are on call around the clock. We secure the profits of your system regardless whether we built it or not and will gladly optimize existing systems for you as well. Our services range from pure remote system monitoring to the comprehensive carefree package, as requested.

Decentralized power supply

Although off-grid, micro grid and hybrid systems in many industrialized countries have opened up attractive grid feed alternatives, in less developed regions they are often the only power supply option. Whether they are off-grid systems with or without battery storage capability or systems that save on conventional fuels into which existing or supplied diesel generators should be integrated – contact us. We will gladly inform and support you in the selection of the suitable system.