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Tailor-made systems from tailor-made teams: Founded in 2013, bejulo benefits from the extensive know-how of its employees gained in international renewable energy projects with an output of several hundred megawatts.

bejulo Germany

For customers, bejulo implements projects worldwide that exactly match local conditions. Our internationally experienced project managers, planners and site managers execute medium-sized and large solar power systems conceived for various markets and market models. All key positions are occupied by employees who have already worked several years in decision-making positions in the renewable energy sector. We will gladly bring our experience to your project - at all levels.

When building solar power systems, we rely on a partner network of suppliers, banks and project developers with which we collaborate across projects because the bigger the project, the more important is the right interaction. This applies both to structural components and participating businesses. So we can offer our customers profitable systems for prices attractive to their business, we collaborate with well-known companies that reliably supply the necessary components with consistently high quality.The systems that can be built with the collaboration of our employees are found on almost all continents of our planet. By analyzing international markets, we obtain an overview of all existing activities and new opportunities in foreign countries.

In the European markets well known to us and in South Africa, we bring our experience into the development of new projects and the construction of turnkey systems. In the other countries of the African continent or in the Asian-Pacific region, for example, we gladly supervise individual projects at the request of our customers. In the USA, Canada or Eastern Europe, we focus on classical EPC projects.Besides, in the Arabian region, we focus on building up long-term relationships and cooperation with energy companies and construction firms so we can also advise and support them in that region as well.

Additionally, we have our own branch office in South Africa so we can support our customers there in the usual reliable manner as they implement their projects. You find additional information about our activities on the page "bejulo South Africa".

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Bernd Schappert
Managing Director

Nadine Cherdron
Finance and Controlling

Annika Eidt      
Sales and Project Management

Ralf Schnitzler
Project Development

Sven Klosse

Jürgen Barz        
Construction Management

Phone: 06131-2151-400
E-mail: info(at)bejulo.de

Martin Görner
Managing Director

Stephanie Kopf
Controlling and O&M

Barbara Küllmer     
Sales and Project Management

Peter Rüggeberg
System Design

Oliver Zachmann
Operation and Maintenance

Stefan Wegener        
Construction Management 

bejulo South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

South Africa relies on a consistent expansion of the supply from regenerative sources to stabilize electricity prices, and the country offers interesting possibilities above all in project development and EPC business. Apart from that, the direct use and marketing of electricity are attractive business fields outside of the governmental funding models.

Our Contact Person for South Africa

Our team will gladly answer your questions and listen to your suggestions.

Barbara Küllmer
Managing Director

Andreas Lukasczyk
Project Management

Mobile: +27 71 684 1531
Phone: +27 21 813 9010

bejulo South Africa (Pty) Ltd.
Unit B1, Ground Floor
Mayfair Square, Century Way
Century City, 7441


Latin America

In all of Latin America, conditions for solar energy utilization are perfect. Solar radiation is generally high, there are many open spaces available in many countries, and there is also a need for energy from clean sources. In addition, energy production can be predicted very well and photovoltaic systems can be optimally used. We are currently concentrating on the Brazilian, Mexican and Peruvian markets, although we are also enthusiastically involved in other Latin American countries.

We focus on the construction of open-space photovoltaic systems with a minimum installed capacity of 3 MWp.

In our role as general contractor, we supply the entire process chain from one single source – from initial planning and detailed system design all the way to installation and commissioning. Our engineers apply the experiences gained in more than one decade and over 900 MWp of installed PV system capacity throughout the world to build the optimal system for you according to the latest technological advances.

Our networks with strong on-site partners ensure that local needs are considered. Reactions are quick and we can also procure a trained on-site team for the maintenance and management of your system.

Are you interested in a photovoltaic system or energy generated in a clean way but would not like to bear the financing yourself? Would you like to have a customized solution beyond government tendering programs? We can also offer you solutions for this. If your business needs at least 600 MWh of energy per year and you can provide an open space > 1 ha, we will be glad to connect you with investors to finance and operate the system so you can be provided with the generated power for long-term economical rates. Secure clean and reliable energy for you and your business for many years, improve your CO2 balance and your image - and we take care of the rest.

Our Contact Person for Latin America

Our team will gladly answer your questions and listen to your suggestions.

In Peru

Reinhart Hönsch
Phone: +51 997 356 022 
E-mail: reinhart.honsch(at)gmail.com
Languages: German, Spanish & English

In Germany

Dipl. Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Annika Eidt
Phone: +49 6131 2151 422
E-mail: annika.eidt(at)bejulo.de
Languages: German, English, Spanish & Portuguese